Seafood Chowder

September 30, 2015 The Food Lover 0

Seafood Chowder. My favorite food time of year starts in the Fall. Summer vegetables and fruits are slowly exiting my menus and I’m beginning to […]

Shrimp Caesar Salad

February 20, 2015 The Food Lover 0

The Caesar Salad itself is very versatile. Grilled chicken, baked salmon, seared steak, and “just plain Caesar” salads grace restaurant menus at all levels. My […]

Pizza Topping Bar

September 30, 2014 The Food Lover 0

Pizza Topping Bar. What’s more fun than a “Pick Your Topping Pizza?” If you’re having a party, set out a Pizza Topping Bar and let […]

Fish Provencal

February 5, 2014 The Food Lover 0

Fish is one of my favorite foods. A nice succulent white fish draped with a provencal sauce is a very satisfying meal. Whether you use […]

Succulent Crab Cakes

September 5, 2013 The Food Lover 0

Living near the Delmarva region of the United States, we are regularly offered outstanding crab dishes. A few of my favorite restaurants at the Delaware […]