Sweet Spirit for the Holidays — A Festive Blood Orange Martini

Festive Blood Orange Martini (Photo Credit: Adroit Ideals)
Festive Blood Orange Martini (Photo Credit: Adroit Ideals)

For any of you ladies (and gentlemen) who enjoyed watching the HBO series “Sex and the City” as much as I did, hopefully, you will remember Carrie and her city friends enjoying their pink Cosmopolitan martinis! Cosmos, as they were known, started a big trend for stylish young women all across the US. My simple blood orange martini recipe is a take-off of the traditional Cosmopolitan martini, and is quite festive for the holidays!

Blood oranges have been staples on the winter holiday table throughout my lifetime. The lovely fruit is such a treat for those who’ve never experienced one. Cut into the orange rind and you will find a deep garnet red or maybe a lighter red/orange-mottled juicy flesh inside.

Deep Red Blood Orange (Photo Credit: tradewindsfruit.com)

If you can’t find fresh blood oranges in your area, or even frozen or bottled blood orange juice, you can use fresh orange juice mixed with a splash of cranberry. Won’t necessarily taste exactly the same, yet will offer a similar color. And I like to use a regular navel orange slice as a contrasting garnish to the sumptuous reddish liquid.

From the kitchen of A Food Lover’s Delight….

Festive Blood Orange Martini


2 oz lemon vodka
1 oz orange liqueur (such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau)
1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 c fresh-squeezed blood orange juice (can use frozen or bottled)
4 – 6 large ice cubes
Blood orange or regular orange slice for garnish (can remove the rind)


Shake all ingredients in martini shaker. Pour into martini glass. Garnish with a thin orange slice.

Makes one beverage. Blood oranges can be a bit sour sometimes — so use more simple syrup and adjust to your taste if you prefer a sweeter drink.

Enjoy a blood orange martini during the holidays (Photo Credit: Adroit Ideals)

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